The Tower has always been a favoured spot for birds to nest, especially collared doves, wood pigeons, jackdaws and starlings.

Over the last few years the Tower has proved attractive to a pair of Peregrine Falcons who have raised young on the small round tower which contains one of the spiral staircases. They are thought to have arrived after restoration work started on nearby Mereworth church, which had been their roost.

According to the RSPB website Peregrines have suffered due illegal killing by gamekeepers and landowners, and targeting by egg collectors, but better legal protection and control of pesticides (which indirectly poisoned birds) have helped the population to recover considerably from a low in the 1960s. There are currently thought to be 1,402 breeding pairs in the UK.

Unfortunately for the doves and pigeons, which share the Tower, they are a favourite food for falcons that catch their prey on the wing, and at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour!

Some people raised concerns about the fate of the falcons during work to the Tower however we are told that there is every chance that they will return to nest in the future.